Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Friday, August 4, 2017

Late War German Farschirmjagers

Black Tree Design had a 50% sale on their World War II infantry over the July 4th weekend so I took advantage of the opportunity to build a Farschimjager unit for 28mm gaming.  The unit consists of:

HQ unit: 3 figures
Forward Observer: 3 figures
3 x Infantry squads: 10 figures.

I used essentially the same paint scheme that I used for the Late War German infantry with the exception of using a lighter grey for the Luftwaffe uniform.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Late War German Infantry Painting Guide

Here is a painting guide for Late War German infantry that worked for me.  The figures are from Artizan Designs and the paints are Vallejo colors unless noted:

I prime with a spray can of Flat black and then do the Flesh with Ratskin Flesh (Games Workshop) Flesh wash and then highlights with Dark Flesh.

The uniform pants are done with German Field Grey.

The base for the Smock is German Camo Beige.  I then do irregular stripes with German Medium Brown followed by Flective Green.

Helmet: German Grey
Webbing: Black
Boots: Flat Black or Flat Brown
Gaiters: Khaki or German Camo Beige

Rifle: Flat Brown and Gun Metal
Canteen: Flat Earth and Gun Metal for the Canteen Cup.
Bread bag: Green Ochre
Ammunition Pouches: Green Ochre or Green Grey
Gas Mask Cannister: Catachen Green (Games Workshop) or Dark Green


The figures were based on Litko round 25mm bases and then I use hobby sand for the texture. I apply the sand with watered down white glue and once dry, I put on a coat of watered down white glue to protect the sand.  Paint and dry brush the sand with various browns and then finish with static grass from Gale Force 9.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Nightengale Expedition

The Nightengale Expedition of 1896 has not been officially organized yet for In Her Majesty's Name, but as I am planning it did give me an excuse to take some pictures of some of my favorite miniatures.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Battlefield in a Box: Desert Buildings

Wow.  I should have starting using these a long time ago.  Simply superb and adaptable for multiple periods in the 15mm world.

Items from the Desert Walls, Medium house, and Small houses box sets. 

First up is the Desert Wall box which comes with 4 tall wall sections, a tall gate, 4 low wall sections and a well.

All of the boxed sets were very well packaged with plenty of bubble wrap.

Contents of the boxed set.

Closeup of the high gate with a Bren carrier and Valentine tank for scale.

 The small Desert Houses box comes with one "long" small house and one square small house.

 The removable roofs are a nice touch to allow the placement of troops inside.

Australian infantry occupy the roof of the long house.

Here is the Medium Desert house.  My only complaint is the box on the roof which makes it difficult to put two stands of infantry on the top of the roof but two fit nicely inside.

 The three boxed sets, which are reasonably priced (I found a great deal on eBay) really spice up the battlefield and provide cover and key terrain to fight over.

 The jewel of the Desert Walls set is the well.

Bren carriers navigating between the walls of the village.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Captain John Good

 Captain John Good

A "short, stout, and dark" man Captain John Good is one of the heroes of King Solomon's Mines as narrated by Allan Quatermain.  Quatermain rightly suspects him of being a naval man upon first seeing him.  Good desires to help his friend, Sir Henry Curtis, find his brother, but he also seeks the riches of King Solomon's Mines.

Quatermain mocks Good's fastidiousness about his personal appearance. In one case, Quatermain attributes Good's near death by elephant to Good's refusal to dress appropriately for the African wild. Good's overweening pride in his appearance is dealt a blow when the Kukuanas first see him without his trousers, which necessitates a long journey without pants so that he might not cover up his "beautiful white legs."

 Quatermain and Good

The Kukuanas

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Quatermain Company for In Her Majesty's Name

I decided to repaint the figure I am using as Allan Quatermain and in celebration I put together some shots of the adventuring company I'm putting together that he will be leading.

 The Company so far.

Quatermain and Umslopogaas.

 Quatermain's war poodle near the porters.


 Quatermain's faithful dog (war poodle).

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Inspector Stanley Hopkins of Scotland Yard

Inspector Stanley Hopkins is a Scotland Yard detective and a student of Holmes's deductive methods, who attempts to apply them in his own investigations. A promising detective, in whose career Holmes had several times shown a very practical interest. He is the youngest inspector in the Yard and often is assigned what appear to be mundane and investigations that may be the figment of other's imagination.

 Inspector Stanley Hopkins

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Though inexperienced as an inspector, his mentoring by Sherlock Holmes and his unmatched bravery for Queen and Country have made him a rising star; however, others would like to see him fail.  He has recently be reassigned on "extended" service in the small parish of North Piddle in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire, England.

 Sergeant Ridgewell Hawkes of the North Piddle Constabulary with Inspector Hopkins

Here are the statistics for In Her Majesty's Name:

Name: Inspector Stanley Hopkins
Pluck: 3+
Leadership: +2
Speed: +0
Fighting Value: +2
Shooting Value: +3
Talents: Fearless, Impervious, Meticulous Planning
Basic Equipment: Pistol
Armor: Brigandine
Cost: 61

" Not exactly what I was expecting during a normal robbery investigation."